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Equipped For Real Projects

    Tackling big real-world problems is tough!
    Our curriculum will guide you through some of the most effective methodologies, mindsets & tools being used to navigate complexity in the modern workplace. These were made for big hairy problems!

Human Centred Design

Human-centered design develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process. Human involvement typically takes place in observing the problem within context, brainstorming, conceptualizing, developing, and implementing the solution.

The Learning Power Approach

This methodology uses an extensive body of research into learning and the brain to build the core skills required for lifelong learning. The principles covered will help you develop the mental, emotional, and social resources required to enjoy challenge and cope well with uncertainty and complexity.

The Scrum Methodology

Scrum is an iterative and incremental project management framework used predominantly for software development projects. The methodology allows the team to remain "agile" and quickly change direction if need be. It also goes a long way towards ensuring effective communication within the team.


Exponential Technologies

A catch all phrase for technologies which are becoming more powerfull/cheaper/more accessible at a rapidly increasing rate. We'll look at how some of these are being applied to the food problem. Examples include 3D Printing, Drones, Gene Editing and more...

Teamwork & Leadership

Setting up the Grand Challenge club/society at your school will in itself be an exercise in leadership. We've got you covered with plenty of support and resources around building a great team and running an effective club.

Lean Startup Principles

The Lean Startup methodology is all about learning as quickly and cheaply as possible. It's about measuring the right things, making data driven decisions and adapting as quickly as possible to what you learn. The principles are applicable to just about any type of project.


Of global food production is lost or wasted!


Of global deaths of children under 5 are due to poor nutrition!


Of South African's cannot afford to buy a nutritionally balanced plate of food!

Food Security

(Still a long way to go)

We urgently need to find new ways to address food insecurity. If we don’t we will have another generation of children not meeting their full physical and mental developmental potential.

    The problem of food insecurity is far more complex than just making sure that there is enough food, but because it is complex it means that there are many entry points to start to address the problem.
It is time to start thinking outside the box. You eat every day. You engage with the food system every day. The time for making a difference is now!

Meet Our Team

Stefan Louw

Director-Innovate South Africa

A qualified mechatronics engineer, Stefan’s true passion lies in education and sustainable community development. He has for many years been running social innovation competitions for schools, with a curriculum based mostly on Human Centred Design.

Susie Taylor-Alston

Director-Learning Power International (SA)

With a background in teaching, educational leadership and curriculum development, including a Masters Degree in International Development and Education, Susie now focuses her efforts on bringing the proven methods of The Learning Power Approach to South African schools.

Andrea Nettel

Director - The Family Counselling Centre

Dealing daily with families coping with their difficulties, Andrea is well attuned to the strengths and weaknesses of the current education system. She is eager to see learning which is better tailored to the unique strengths and weaknesses of each student.

Maritza van den Heuvel

Account Executive-Cognician

With an incredibly strong background in digital learning and innovation within education, Maritza is passionate about the Lean/Agile methodology for continuous improvement. She has written widely on the topic, both in blog and book format, and even applies it at home with her family.

Ant Selley

Project Manager-The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

Having taught at one of the best schools around, Ant grew frustrated with an outdated education system and set off in search of better models. He is excited about Personalized/Adaptive learning, a rapidly changing world and the incredible things students are capable of when truly motivated.

Alex Boettger

Head of student community-The Schools Grand Challenge

A Grade 9 student at Wynberg Boys’ High Alex is eager to help change the way in which schools prepare students for the world. In particularly, he would like more choice in what he puts his time and effort into at school and is working hard to make this a reality.

Jane Battersby

Researcher at The African Centre For Cities

With a PHD from Oxford University, Jane is one of the most respected academics in the country in the field of food systems and policies. As the research co-ordinator for the ACC’s consuming Urban Poverty Project she brings to the team some much needed expertise on the problem of food insecurity.

Alix Staniland

Teacher at St George's Grammar School

Alix is one of the most dedicated teachers we could find. A full time maths and English teacher, she also finds time to run the rather incredible Enhanced Education Program (EEP), where students at the school can pursue “passion projects” of their own design.

Why a schools based incentive prize competition?

Throughout history incentive prizes have proven an incredibly powerful tool for accelerating innovation.
The Longitude Prize helped reinvent ocean navigation in 1714. The Orteig Prize was won by Charles Lindbergh in 1927 for crossing the Atlantic. The Ansari XPRIZE (1996) stimulated a new generation of sub-orbital spaceships.

"If we all understood we can learn from both older and younger people, then we'd have a better world."

Adora Svitak - Writer, speaker, advocate
What adults can learn from kids. (TED 2010)

“I believe any challenge can be attacked with an incentive prize,” ... "Incentive prizes work"

Peter Diamandis - Founder of The XPRIZE Foundation, Human Longevity Inc, Singularity University, Planetary Resources,...

From The Principals Office

Our principals get it! They realize they're preparing you for a future which no one can predict!
See below the comments from some of our early adopter schools.

Herzlia High School

"The aim of education in SA (and everywhere) is for our school leavers to be producers - not consumers. We need people who create and give; we have quite enough of those who expect and who take."

Mr Falconer

Wynberg Boys' High School

"Our students need as much engagement with the real world as possible. This is after all what we're preparing them for... ""

Mr De Waal

Centre Of Science And Technology

"We need to encourage out-of-the-box thinkers!"

Mrs Cooper

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